The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is registered as a company limited by guarantee.

Company No: 09223395. Companies House company registration and information: 09223395.

The governance for the LEP Company is set out in the Articles of Association, available on this page. Our Board Directors' individual declarations of interest can be found on Board Director Biography pages. All Directors have a statutory duty to declare their interests and sign the Code of Conduct.

To ensure transparency, fairness and good practice, the Greater Lincolnshire LEP is bound by the Assurance Framework. The Assurance Framework sets out how the LEP will continue the process of ensuring value for money, prioritisation, appraisal, business case development and risk management for its Growth Deal and other funding programmes.

It identifies the roles of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP and its boards, the Accountable Body (Lincolnshire County Council) and the promoters of projects. It also sets out the process to be followed in selecting priorities for further Growth Deals or other funding programmes.

Each year the Accountable Body confirms that the Greater Lincolnshire LEP's Assurance Framework complies with the guidance supplied by the Government’s Cities and Local Growth Unit and is available on this page.

The LEP Ltd Company is registered with Companies House and complies with all statutory requirements.


Greater Lincolnshire LEP is committed to transparency and good review practices in the way it conducts its activities and the Local Assurance Framework details these arrangements in full.

The LEP Board is supported by statutory committees (Investment BoardFinance and Audit Committee and the Appointments Committee) to ensure adequate scrutiny and clarity on decisions that have been taken. 

National Government

The LEP is fully compliant with the National Local Assurance Framework issued by Government in January 2019. The LEP’s Local Assurance Framework is revised annually, and can be viewed here. 

The Local Assurance Framework is a constantly evolving document and will continue to be updated in line with government guidance, best practice, and changes to policies, systems or procedures.

Local Government 

The LEP reports to Local Government at various levels, such as quarterly meetings with the Greater Lincolnshire Leaders Board, meetings with Lincolnshire County Councils Economic and Environment Scrutiny Committee, and member development days. Further details can be found here.


The revised governance arrangements are designed to engage a significant number of businesses and public, voluntary and community sector organisations in developing and implementing the LEP's strategies and work programmes, and in the process scrutinises these, thereby providing a comprehensive review. An open Annual General Meeting is held annually.

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP Directors' Board includes the political leaders of the LEP area’s three upper tier authorities (Lincolnshire County, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire) plus two representatives from the Lincolnshire Districts. All these LA representatives inform and shape activities and strategies. In addition, senior officers meet regularly with LA Leaders and elected representatives across the LEP's area, to ensure it is addressing areas of importance to local authorities.

Independent financial auditing

The LEP is responsible for conducting an annual independent audit covering financial and governance activity. Auditors reports on the Greater Lincolnshire LEP can be viewed here

Project appraisal, prioritisation, and development

Project appraisal progress and reporting can be located in the Investment Board papers. For a detailed description of the LEP's project process, see the Assurance Framework

Assurance Framework

The framework sets out how the Greater Lincolnshire LEP will use public money, operates transparently, demonstrates accountability, and provides value for money. Click here to view.

Confidential Complaints

Click here to access our Complaints Procedure. You can read our complaints policy here

Equality and Diversity 

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is committed to diversity to ensure representation at Board and Sub-Board level which is reflective of the local business community - including geographies, gender, and protected characteristics. The LEP further commits to ensure that by 2020 at least one third of members of LEP boards are women with an expectation for equal representation by 2023. 

The LEP has a nominated Diversity Champion, Director Dean Fathers, who is responsible for instilling a diverse and accepting workplace culture, and an annual diversity report will be published. 

Click here to view our policies including our Equality and Diversity policy. 


  • Media - The Greater Lincolnshire LEP publicly distributes regular newsletters, press releases, social media updates, website updates and other information on its activities, and to publicise funding opportunities. To see the most recent news items click here and to register to receive our newsletter here.
  • Events - Regular free public events are held, including the LEP Annual Conference, to update businesses and organisations on Greater Lincolnshire's activities. These are advertised on our homepage and in the What's New sections
  • Vacancies - all current vacancies are advertised on the homepage and What's New sections and tenders within the Greater Lincolnshire LEP are advertised on the homepage and ProContract
  • Agendas and Papers - The LEP Directors and Investment Boards publish these seven days in advance of the meetings, and the draft minutes within ten working days of the meeting taking place. Finance and Audit Committee minutes are published post-meeting, and the LEP advisory sub-board minutes are published where applicable. 

To view all our policies and procedures, click here