The Greater Lincolnshire LEP Executive Team is responsible for the day to day operation and delivery LEP activity.

This includes supporting the Greater Lincolnshire company boards, delivering strategy, liaising with government, identifying activities to support job growth, securing funding and engaging with the business community.

The Executive Team are employed by Lincolnshire County Council and funded by the Government core LEP funding and financial contributions of the local authority and other partners. Salaries of senior staff will be published in line with the Localism Act 2011. Please click here to see the Staff Renumeration Policy.



  • Ruth is responsible for the day to day running and development of the LEP. She works closely with the board and guides the strategic direction, ensuring it retains its focus on productivity, creating jobs and removing the barriers to economic growth. Ruth enables Greater Lincolnshire businesses to have a voice at the highest possible level, by representing them at Westminster and liaising with key influencers on the topics that are important for our area.​

  • / 07795 676833


Personal Assistant to LEP Chief Executive

  • Donna's role is to provide a wide range of secretarial duties to the LEP Chief Executive and the LEP Team. 

  • / 07786 710957




Projects and Programme Executive Manager

  • Halina co-ordinates the Greater Lincolnshire LEP Investment Board, acting as a key liaison with several government departments as required. As well as advising on project delivery and the development and management of the LEP's strategic funding programmes, Halina contributes to strategy and policy development for Greater Lincolnshire. Working in partnership with key stakeholders across many organisations and businesses the role focuses on Freeport related activity, the UK Food Valley, and infrastructure & place related engagement.
  • / 07799 074247




Policy and Research Executive Manager

  • Leading the Policy and Research Team, James' role is to head the development of Greater Lincolnshire's evidence base and research programme. This involves wide ranging research, informing economic policies, co-ordinating engagement on government initiatives and responding to national policy.

  • / 07920 456834


Economic Analyst

  • Raju's role is focussed on the compilation, analysis and interpretation of a broad range of economic and skills data which forms our evolving evidence base. Raju's work forms the foundation for the development of our Economic Strategies and Skills Advisory Panel as well as monitoring economic conditions and trends.

  •  / 07826 931181


Policy and Programme Officer

  • Janice plays a key role in the policy and research team by specifically delivering core programmes of work, including design, delivery and management of the Recovery Plan for Greater Lincolnshire and a programme of policy briefings for internal and external partners.Janice also executes timely project management plans; lead the development of application and selection materials and processes for policy areas and briefings for local partners and MP's.

  •  / 07385 938239




Operations and Delivery Executive Manager

  • Leading the Operations and Delivery Team, Caroline is responsible for the daily activity of the LEP, and leads on a broad range of issues such as Governance, Compliance, Policies and Procedures, managing conflicts of interest, finance, annual delivery plan, scheme of delegation, annual performance review, local assurance framework and secretariat for all boards.

  • / 07385 938242


Communications and Operations Manager

  • Kate's role is to ensure that the company fulfils its statutory duties, contracts transparently with third party suppliers for outsourced services, and communicates effectively with its audience.   Kate oversees the commissioning activity, heads up the LEP core operating finances, and leads on LEP events and communications. 

  • / 07919 166416


Strategic Advisory Board Co-ordinator

  • Amy's role is to co-ordinate activity of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP's Sector Development Boards, including Food Board, Manufacturing Board, Energy Council, Visitor Economy Board, Defence Board, ESAP, UK Food Valley and the Health and Care Enterprise Board. Amy provides support to each of the Strategic Advisory Boards to develop a strategy, an annual plan and report of progress. Working closely with the Chair of each board, Amy ensures that a strong strategic agenda is set, minutes and actions recorded and forward plans developed.

  • amy.o'  / 07385 938243


Operations Officer

  • Laura's role is to provide monitoring and management control of relevant budgets and programmes within the LEP and Lincolnshire County Council. She also manages project budgets producing accurate budget reports showing the implication of any changes for the relevant managers of the Executive Team.





Skills and Employment Executive Manager

  • Clare's role is to lead the continuous development and implementation of the LEP’s work around skills, working closely with the Greater Lincolnshire Employment and Skills Board and the Local Authority skills teams. Her work includes managing the LEP’s Skills Programmes, coordinating the implementation of sector plans and engaging with stakeholders on a regional and national basis.

  • / 07917 635527


Careers Hub Lead

  • Lee's role is to lead the Greater Lincolnshire Careers Hub and the LEP team of Enterprise Coordinators who work with Careers Leaders in secondary schools and Colleges to drive sustainable system change in careers provision as part of the national network of Careers Hubs across England. The Careers Hub aims to ensure all young people can access high quality careers education that aligns with the LEP economic and skills priorities, and in accordance with best practice outlined in Gatsby Benchmarks, the Government’s Careers Strategy and the Grant Funding Agreement with the Careers and Enterprise Company.

  • / 07785 456628


Employment and Skills Project Manager

  • Reporting to Clare Hughes, Sara’s role is to oversee the LEP’s Skills Capital Projects, working with partners to support the delivery of the projects and their outputs.  In addition to this Sara works with Clare on employment and skills issues across Greater Lincolnshire including identifying skill gaps, barriers into employment and leads on Apprenticeships as well as supporting the wider skills team.

  • / 07920 143825


Skills Delivery Manager

  • Natalie's role is to support the Skills Manager, delivering on a variety of projects and activities that contribute to the Greater Lincolnshire Employment and Skills Strategy objectives. Natalie manages the Enterprise Coordinator Team who deliver the Enterprise Adviser Network initiative influencing careers-based activity in Schools and Colleges across Greater Lincolnshire.

  • / 07880 294729

Enterprise Coordinator Team – Working with Schools, Colleges and Businesses

There are five Enterprise Coordinators in the LEP team, providing support to schools and colleges across the whole of Greater Lincolnshire. The roles are funded by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, Careers & Enterprise Company, Lincolnshire County Council, North-East Lincolnshire Council and North Lincolnshire Council.

The Enterprise Coordinators provide support directly to Schools and Colleges by guiding Careers Leaders and Senior Leaders through the Gatsby Benchmarks. They also provide businesses with the opportunity to connect to education in their local community. The goal of the Enterprise Adviser Network and Careers Hub is to ensure that all schools and colleges deliver a high-quality careers programme for young people, with employer engagement at the centre.

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Lincolnshire County Council's pay policy statement sets out Lincolnshire County Council’s policy on pay and conditions for senior managers and employees.