The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is focusing our resources on supporting our business community and stakeholders in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore some strategy development, work streams, projects, events, meetings, and other areas of our core functions may be on pause whilst we support the emergency response and shape recovery plans, and therefore may not be progressed to previously scheduled timescales.


The Greater Lincolnshire LEP allocates funding to support projects that contribute towards delivering our Strategic Economic Plan.  

Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership has been successful in securing a total of £123.7m Local Growth Funding (LGF) from Central Government through the three rounds of LGF to date. This funding was allocated through a six year Growth Deal (from 1st April 2015 to the 31st March 2021).

To maximise our investment potential the LEP Board has agreed the importance of establishing and maintaining a single pipeline of priority projects.

The development of the pipeline is intended to identify short-term priorities for any unallocated LGF or LGF underspends which may become available in the future and also develop a prioritisation list of projects which will serve as a basis to inform priorities for future funding sources.

This call asks for projects ideas that align to our Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and emerging Local Industry Strategy (LIS) and that will contribute to economic growth and productivity.


A Capital Growth Programme call for projects was launched in February 2016 for a wide range of strategic projects that would help to deliver the Greater Lincolnshire's Strategic Economic Plan (SEP). This resulted in an approved bid for round three of growth deal. The Strategic Infrastructure Delivery Plan (SIDP) led by our 10 Local Authorities also fed into the bid.

There is currently a good geographical spread of growth deal projects across the Greater Lincolnshire area, and across the priority sectors identified in the SEP. The GL LEP Capital Growth Deal (SLGF) Programme of £123.7 m is currently fully allocated however having an up to date pipeline of projects to consider is extremely important.

When the UK Shared Prosperity Fund is announced by government next year, Greater Lincolnshire will want to have a clear position on the business cases and prioritisation of schemes that will both contribute to the delivery of the SEP and the LIS. We therefore want to be in the position that a strong pipeline is in place by the Spring of 2019.

A call for projects was successfully launched by GLLEP in October 2018 and this resulted in a revised pipeline of 61 schemes being identified in varying stages of development, but we recognise that new project ideas are evolving all the time.

About the Project Pipeline

The pipeline provides the LEP with an understanding of schemes being developed that support our objectives. The Board and associated sector sub-boards strive to respond to the best opportunities by considering partners future aspirations and it helps us build on and develop future strategies to ensure we achieve the best outcome for our area.

Although we have no funding currently available it is imperative that we can respond quickly as funding opportunities arise. We appreciate the work that goes into project development and we want to work with you in ensuring that our most strategic projects can be successful in a competitive environment.

Call for project ideas

Having undertaken a review of our previous investments this call focuses on invitations for strategic projects enabling future LEP investment to be centred on under-invested areas that help to deliver the LIS and SEP, whilst still ensuring that a broad range of ideas across all key sectors are identified and considered.

Our Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) is being developed in partnership with Government to identify the areas in which the UK has a strong competitive advantage and in which Lincolnshire has a pivotal part to play in the future and our related Lincolnshire's Evolving Opportunities publication can be viewed on the GLLEP website.

We are seeking proposals that will boost productivity in Greater Lincolnshire by addressing one or more of the foundations and objectives outlined in the Government’s Industrial Strategy Industrial Strategy, in a way that is relevant to our place.

Emerging Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) priorities identified include:

  • A rural innovation test-bed for energy & water
  • An adaptive ports & logistics industry driving greater connectivity
  • Future proofing the agri-food industry
  • Supporting people to live well for longer in rural areas
  • A high-quality inclusive visitor economy

Cross cutting themes:

  • Skills transition into a changing work environment
  • Maximise the housing contribution to the economy

We would be particularly interested in projects in our strategic priority sectors of;

  • Manufacturing
  • Agri-food and Agri-tech
  • Visitor Economy
  • Low carbon
  • Health and Care
  • Ports and Logistics
  • Digital

Projects responding to and helping deliver against our priority themes in the context of our key sectors would also be of interest. The themes include:

  • Business growth
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure (road and rail)
  • Infrastructure (digital and utility)
  • Place marketing
  • Water management and Energy
  • Skills

The Pipeline Call is now closed