The review into LEP governance and transparency led by Mary Ney is now complete.

In April 2017 Melanie Dawes, the Department for Communities and Local Government Permanent Secretary, commissioned a review into LEP governance and transparency.  The Department for Communities and Local Government Non-Executive Director Mary Ney led the review, which is now complete.

Following publication of the review, the Government has accepted its recommendations in full and is taking steps to implement them, including:

  • enhancing the LEP Annual Review process with a greater focus on LEP governance and transparency arrangements
  • publishing best practice guidance on codes of conduct, publication of agendas, confidential reporting procedures, whistleblowing policies and registers of interests
  • providing further guidance on the publication of financial information
  • publishing revised guidance for LEP Assurance Frameworks
  • sharing its approach to non-compliance with LEPs

The recommendations of Mary Ney's review will be included in a revised National LEP Assurance Framework around May this year, following a wider review by ministers into strengthening the role of LEPs.

The Government wrote to all LEPs in December 2017 sharing draft best practice guidance to set out the minimum standards required for certain governance and transparency requirements.  The final guidance document was published in early January and the website now includes:

  • time-critical publication of board papers, agendas and minutes
  • an online whistleblowing policy
  • updated directors' code of conduct and Register of Interests
  • online complaints and compliments forms

Additional recommendations are due out in the spring when further changes will be implemented.