Home to a range of centres of education, training and research, Greater Lincolnshire boasts two universities, seven further education colleges and two University Technical Colleges, not to mention its many independent training providers. 

Our main providers and websites are listed below:

University of Lincoln - www.lincoln.ac.uk

National Centre for Food Manufacturing, UK - https://www.lincoln.ac.uk/home/holbeach/

Bishop Grosseteste University – www.bishopg.ac.uk

Boston College - https://www.boston.ac.uk/

Lincoln College – www.lincolncollege.ac.uk

Stamford College - https://www.stamford.ac.uk/

Grimsby Institute - https://grimsby.ac.uk/

Grantham College - https://www.grantham.ac.uk/

Riseholme College - https://www.riseholme.ac.uk/

North Lindsey College - https://northlindsey.ac.uk/

First College Lincs - www.firstcollegelincs.co.uk

Lagat Training and Recruitment – https://lagat.co.uk/

Steadfast Vocational Training - https://www.steadfasttraining.co.uk/

Community Learning in Partnership (CLIP) https://cliplearning.com/ 

Children's Links https://www.childrenslinks.org.uk/ 

Abbey Access Centre http://abbeyaccesstraining.com/

Lincolnshire County Council: Lincolnshire Adult Skills and Family Learning Service https://www.2aspire.org.uk/  

Page Updated 26th April 2021