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This multi-agency platform bring together requests and offers of support from the business, community and education sectors in Lincolnshire to respond to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

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The Greater Lincolnshire LEP works with the public and private sector to deliver sustainable economic growth. We want to help our business sectors increase productivity and innovation, create new employment opportunities and develop infrastructure that supports economic growth.

We are working hard within the Midlands engine, the Humber Estuary and the Northern Powerhouse to deliver for Greater Lincolnshire. We play an important role in the UK economy; we feed the country through our expertise in food production and agri-tech, power the country through our low carbon and power engineering sector, and entertain through our thriving visitor economy. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the LEP has been focusing its efforts on the immediate support of the diverse business community through a rapid Response plan, and is now strongly driving local Economic Recovery Plans.   Working continuously with partners has helped to restart delivery, influence investment, and to continue to lever the best opportunities for Greater Lincolnshire.

Please see the COVID-19 business support page for full details and check for regular updates.

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View the Government Covid-secure guidance by sector here

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A group of dynamic companies that have joined forces to promote Lincolnshire as a place to live, work and invest. Collaborating with each other for the greater good of the businesses which in turn adds to the growth of the Lincolnshire economy.

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'We consider Lincolnshire to be an excellent place to do business and the continued growth of the University of Lincoln and local infrastructure provide a talent pipeline which helps sustain our business and contribute to the prosperity of the wider Lincolnshire community'.

Greater Lincolnshire is emerging as the intelligent choice for investors looking for a dynamic, thriving, and ideal location to base their business. With space to grow, support to flourish and the kind of infrastructure that supports global operations it's little wonder that Greater Lincolnshire is undoubtedly one of the investment hotspots of the UK.

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