Greater Lincolnshire has a strong manufacturing and engineering heritage, and is proud of this outstanding position as a nationally important centre for manufacturing.

Underpinned by a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, Greater Lincolnshire is home to world-class manufacturing companies. This has played a part in providing a legacy of sites and skills, offering investors the opportunity to operate from a prime location that already boasts manufacturing and engineering strengths which encompass power engineering, metrochemicals & chemicals, steel manufacture, and motorsport engineering.

Our manufacturing sector employs roughly 39,000 workers, accounting for 16% of the jobs in our area, including agri-food manufacturing.

Confidence in Greater Lincolnshire's manufacturing industry has been boosted by gas turbine giant Siemens, who invested millions into their Teal Park site near Lincoln, after concluding it as the best option to enable UK-wide expansion.

The metals and engineering sector in North Lincolnshire boasts more than 90 businesses and almost 6,000 employees. Greater Grimsby is at the centre of a major concentration of process industries, which in the wider Humber region employs around 15,000 people in 120 companies. 

The value of the sector has continued to rise and is set to do so in the future, and the delivery of the Manufacturing Sector Plan will double the economic output by 2030.

Our area continues to excel, as higher education centres such as the University of Lincoln offer a fresh skills pool to local employers by training students at their purpose-built School of Engineering. The Lincoln and Humber University Technical Colleges are also providing exemplary education and training, specialising in engineering and renewable energies.

Click here to view Business Lincolnshire's interactive Made In Lincolnshire booklet and discover more about the wide range of local manufacturing businesses..


  • The manufacturing sector contributes o​​​ver £1.9m to Greater Lincolnshire Economy.
  • It also employs approximately 39,000 workers throughout the region.
  • Training and education via technical colleges and universities offers this sector long-term stability, and creates fresh new career opportunities across the county.