Growth Deals provided funds to LEPs for projects that benefit local areas and the economy.

Growth Deals - or the Single Local Growth Fund (SLGF), provided support for local businesses, created and safeguarded jobs, delivered strategic infrastructure schemes, developed hundreds of new homes, and invested in education.

The LEP has worked closely with local government and other partners to ensure effective communication, strategy and delivery and these key projects are now complete.

The Strategic Economic Plan and our emerging Local Industrial Strategy are our routes to working with government and securing future funding. Due to the quality and deliverability of our strategic economic plans (Growth Plans) Greater Lincolnshire has secured £180m of growth related funding, of which £123.7m relates directly to the Local Growth Fund Programme (LGF).  

Through our Growth Deals:-

  • £99m has supported local transformational projects totalling £320m investment.
  • 1,127 direct jobs were created between 2014-2020
  • 631 businesses have been created representing 15% of business growth from 2014-2020

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