Greater Lincolnshire's European Funding allocation of €143.2 million (2014-2020) focuses on large scale, co-ordinated strategic schemes, which give maximum impact against both specific EU themes and our Strategic Economic Plan.

All LEPs were asked by Government to produce a local European Structural & Investment Fund (ESIF) Strategy, identifying priorities to improve productivity and create jobs.  The Greater Lincolnshire ESIF strategy was updated and finalised in April 2016.

The Operational Programmes for England were agreed between Her Majesty's Government (HMG) and the European Commission in July 2015 and the three strands of European Funds are (1) European Regional Development Fund (ERDF); (2) European Social Fund (ESF); and (3) the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Further to the EU referendum, the chancellor confirmed in late 2016 that the Government will guarantee EU Funding for Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) projects signed after the Autumn Statement which will continue after we have left the EU. ESIF projects will now have funding secured if the agreement is signed before the UK departs the EU, is in line with the domestic strategic priorities and offers good value for money. 

If organisations bid directly to the European Commission on a competitive basis, such as universities seeking Horizon 2020 research funding, the Treasury will underwrite the payments. even if the projects continue after Brexit​.

For those stakeholders who may have a suitable project, it is essential that the LEP ESIF strategy is reviewed to identify whether potential project ideas have a strong strategic fit. 

Calls for projects are announced in our latest news, as well as on this page.  

Click here for information on EU funding decisions, (also see ESIF Committee) which are made at a national level. 

Contact Susannah Lewis on or 01522 550638 for further information  

Open Calls: ERDF

The next calls that are open in Greater Lincolnshire under the European Regional Development Funding (part of the European Structural & Investment Funds) have now been published on the website.

Please note that if you are submitting projects under Priority Axis 1 and 3 for capital build schemes, then revenue business support activity needs to be incorporated into the scheme.  All projects that have business support provision must also align to the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub offer.  Please do contact Samantha Harrison (  to discuss Growth Hub alignment.

Each of the calls that are open within the Greater Lincolnshire area are listed below – please click on the link that will take you to more detailed information about the call.  The closing date for outline applications is 23rd November 2018.


Priority Axis 1 Promoting Research and Innovation

Call to run projects that enhance research & innovation infrastructure to develop research and innovation excellence and promoting business investment in research and innovation

Priority Axis 3 SME Support

Call to run project's enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises in Greater Lincolnshire


Priority Axis 4 Low Carbon

Call to run projects supporting the shift towards a low carbon economy in Greater Lincolnshire


Priority Axis 5 Promoting climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management

Call to run projects supporting investment that addresses specific risks, ensuring disaster resilience and developing disaster management systems


Priority Axis 6 Preserving and Protecting the Environment and Promoting Resource Efficiency

Call to run projects that protect and restore biodiversity, promote innovative technologies to improve environmental protection and resource efficiency


Please do not hesitate to contact TA staff for project development support.  If you can e-mail any queries, meeting requests etc. to Ashley Myers (  and Susannah Lewis (  we will respond as quickly as possible.


 Open Calls: EAFRD

CURRENTLY CLOSED - Click here to view the open calls for EAFRD funding.

Open Calls: RDPE Growth Funding 

The Rural Development Programme for England Growth Programme which opened in January 2017 remains open to applications. The Growth Programme provides funding for projects in England which create jobs and growth in the rural economy. Under the RDPE Growth Programme, there are currently calls for projects open for: business development, food processing and rural tourism infrastructure.

Click here to view the open calls for RDPE.

Open Calls: Countryside Productivity Scheme 

£40 million grant scheme for investment in farming technology and equipment opened on 30th October 2017 following a £200 million package of RDPE funding to support growth of rural businesses announced in July.

The Countryside Productivity webpage is being updated to include links to the applicant handbooks, application forms and applicant guidance for the two new grants that are adding value to agri-food products or improving farm productivity 

The handbook for each type of grant is available as a pdf document, on a single web page and holds all the information applicants will need.

Contact the RPA helpline on 03000 200301 (choose the Rural Development option) or email