Housing and the economy in Greater Lincolnshire are inextricably linked contributing substantially to the local economy by creating two jobs for every house built.

Greater Lincolnshire is committed to facilitating housing growth, with Local Plans working towards the delivery of 100,000 new dwellings to 2031.

New housing has the potential to attract and retain the workforce needed to enable growth. Sector activity will generate employment opportunities, attracting workers from local and national labour markets. We need an attractive mix of starter homes and family housing to enable people and business investors to achieve aspirations within the labour market.

Much of Greater Lincolnshire enjoys relatively low housing costs, which contribute to making it a great place to live and work.  In some areas, however, addressing flood risk increases construction costs which can make development unviable, particularly where land values are low.  LEP investment has targeted this and supported area-based schemes that unblock housing developments, increasing the vitality of our area and overcoming these challenges.

Since the launch of our Strategic Economic Plan, the LEP has supported the delivery of a number of housing schemes and initiatives. Click here to view growth projects. 

 Planned new developments will provide major growth opportunities along nationally important investment corridors. The LEP is working with partners to plan for the necessary infrastructure to support this growth.