The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is committed to supporting the local economy and to the businesses, people, investors, and all stakeholders, and in bringing job security, stabilising impacts, and increasing opportunities.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the LEP focus turned firstly to the immediate support of our diverse business community through a rapid Response plan, and is now strongly driving local Economic Recovery Plans.   We have been working continuously with partners to restart delivery, influence investment, and to continue to lever the best opportunities for Greater Lincolnshire.

Please see our COVID-19 business support page for full details and check for regular updates.

Coronavirus Support 


In response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, Greater Lincolnshire LEP has been working closely with partners and the Local Resilience Forum throughout the covid-19 pandemic to support our local economy, business and workforce.

Highlighted actions to date include:

  • A dedicated helpline implemented within 2 weeks along with additional support Advisors through the Growth Hub to support the business community and provide guidance and advice from the start of the pandemic
  • Through our growth hub, business Lincolnshire, we have offered continuous and accellerated support to businesses, with advice and grants.
  • We redeployed staff to process information and updates from government to commuinicate information in a timely and easy to understand format and populate website and channels
  • Collated intelligence and fed directly into government to directly shape economic interventions such as the Job Retention Scheme
  • Set up dedicated website pages and created a number of specific newsletters including; Food Security; Lincolnshire Resilience Forum (Economic edition); Covid Newsletters and ramped up communications across all platforms
  • Partnered with DEFRA and devised a local #StudentLandArmy campaign to support Pick for Britain and Feed the Nation
  • We have continued to collect intelligence and data on our economy, to steer local decision making and submitting directly to Government.
  • We have been leading the economy cell of the Local Resilience Forum for Lincolnshire
  • We have lobbied for additional financial support to key sectors such as horticulture, food sector and the education sector
  • We have sought new ways of utilising existing and future funding streams, grants and loans to focus on recovery
  • Quickly implemented a Digital Grants scheme and free online training courses for VE businesses and staff
  • We have led on the coordination of communications to the business community; ensuring clear, timely and concise messaging across our partners. Successfully accelerated robotics investment programme with UoL to gain £25.8m in total from government Building Better Fund to include the Holbeach Food Enterprise Zone
  • Worked collaboratively with public sector LRF departments and cells to ensure economic comms and requirements were central to planning

To find out more about our short and medium term recovery plans click here

This page was updated on 11th September 2020