How can you and your business or organisation respond to the situation in Ukraine and neighbouring countries? What are the impacts on your business?

Businesses across the Greater Lincolnshire region are keen to make a positive difference to the unfolding situation in Ukraine.

Q: How can you and your business or organisation help support people fleeing from Ukraine?

A: The UK Government has announced various ways to help in respect of the situation in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

  • To keep up to date with UK Government measuresclick here to find out how you and your business can help.
  • To register an interest in providing accommodation, as an individual or organisation, please visit Homes for Ukraine.
  • To provide employment there are a wealth of employment agencies around Lincolnshire who search for candidates that are registered with them for advertised roles, below are links to agencies to advertise vacant positions:

The Secretary of State for the Department of Works and Pensions announced that sponsors of a Ukrainian individual or family will not see their household benefit entitlements affected.

The UK government emergency regulations allow people fleeing Ukraine and arriving in the UK the ability to claim benefits immediately, and support is available to help make claims through Work Coaches, DWP staff and translation services.

Locally, if you want to support those who are coming into the county, the Lincolnshire Community Foundation has launched an appeal dedicated to supporting those arriving in Lincolnshire. Please visit the Total Giving page to find out more.

Local Impacts on Business

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is running a business intelligence unit that feeds into the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on a weekly basis.

Tell the us how the conflict has impacted your business by emailing us on

Q. What advice is available regarding trade with Ukraine and neighbouring countries?

A. In light of the current situation, businesses are advised to contact the government's Export Support Service:

Q. How can your business keep up to date with travel and trading sanctions to Ukraine and neighbouring countries?

A. All the latest information relating to the situation is being published on GOV.UK and major changes will be announced via the usual government feeds.

The following links are to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice pages for Ukraine and neighbouring countries, and to the guidance on the new sanctions regime:

Q: How can you and your business or organisation help support Ukraine and neighbouring countries?

A: Businesses and organisations across the Greater Lincolnshire region are keen to make a positive difference to the unfolding situation in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Here are a few ideas:

  • Amplify, Promote and Sell
  • Support Locally
  • Donate Cash, and/or Work in Partnership

Tell us how you are helping the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal by emailing

Amplify, Promote and Sell.

  • Amplify: use your social media presence to promote the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and ask your suppliers and customers to do the same.  Social media animation, you can share with your audiences and networks are below.

       English versions                    Ukrainian versions

Twitter video                   Twitter video

Linkedin video                Linkedin video

Facebook video              Facebook video

  • Promote: promote your business with a special fundraising through flash sales, donate a percentage from service fees.
  • Sell: Easter fundraisers in aid of Ukraine; donate a percentage of Easter products or special gift vouchers.

Support Locally

Local Support Groups

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is promoting local support groups seeking donations that dovetail with officially recognised supply chain routes for humanitarian need in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, and those resettling under the government sponsorship scheme. 

  • We will post information here on those groups that we are aware of. By posting this information we are not endorsing the organisation, but signposting to local efforts that we have knowledge of:
  • His Church, Market Rasen, PO BOX 201, has launched Operation Manna 2022 to bring relief in the form of food, clothing and essential items to 'innocent victims of war whose lives are being seriously affected by the crisis in their country'. Anyone who wishes to donate should contact the His Church Team on 03000 11 77 00 or via email at There is also a Just Giving page for financial donation to help the humanitarian aid relief project.
  • The Lincolnite has a rolling page on where to donate items. Click here to view the page.

Donate Cash, and/or Work in Partnership

Established charities with experience of responding to disasters are usually best placed to reach victims on the ground from your cash donations.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) launched the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to raise funds for food, water, medicine, protection and trauma care for people fleeing the war. This is one of the best appeals to give to because UK donations to the DEC attract a level of government-matched funding.

The DEC brings together leading UK aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently, to effectively target areas of need and to harness the required supply chains.You can give directly to the appeal here, or at the Post Office or bank.

Q: What impact does a donation make?

A:  DEC charities are working in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to meet the needs of all refugees and displaced people. Your business could make an impact by donating the following:

  • £30 could provide essential hygiene supplies for three people for one month.
  • £50 could provide blankets for four families.
  • £100 could provide emergency food for two families for one month.

Q: Why is donating cash better than goods?

A: Donating cash through the DEC enables trusted charities and aid organisations to act quickly and effectively; monies can be transferred quickly to areas where it is needed and individuals and aid organisations can use it to buy the most important resources. Unsolicited donations of goods, although well-meant, can obstruct supply chains and delay more urgent life-saving assistance from getting through.

Q. How else can your business help in partnership with the Disaster Emergencies Committee?

A: The DEC is a powerful partnership with a Rapid Response Network of national media and corporate partners who establish easy and business-appropriate ways to donate at times of disaster. To find out more about how your business can help, take a look at the following:

  • To become a corporate partner, please contact or call 02072 554 278.
  • To become a community, faith organisation, or school supporter please email the Supporter Services line on

The Rapid Response Network is a group of key media and corporate partners which help launch our emergency appeals at very short notice, getting the message out and making it easy for the UK public to donate quickly. This includes the main national broadcasters, banks, technology partners, retail partners and others.

The DEC is a partnership organisation, and often works with organisations to harness their skills to help the cause.