Alongside health service provision, the Health and Care sector has the potential to create great career opportunities and to provide the right environment for local research, innovation and technology.

Our growing and ageing population and dispersed towns and villages are driving opportunities for economic growth in Greater Lincolnshire’s health and care sector, which currently employs 58,000 people and is worth £2bn per annum to our economy.

Opportunities include developing and embedding innovation across the NHS, through the new Schools of Life Sciences and Pharmacy at the Lincoln Science and Innovation Park, deploying assistive technology, and ensuring our housing stock can meet the ‘whole life’ needs of residents.

The University of Lincoln and Lincolnshire County Council are working together on the opening of a post-graduate medical facility, and our Further Education sector is working on vocational skills within the sector.

Unless otherwise stated, all employment data is either BRES (Business Register and Employer Survey), ONS 2014, or is calculated using BRES + Cambridge Econometrics Local Economic Forecasting Model (LEFM) 2014.

GVA is based on ONS Gross Value Added data 2014, or ONS GVA + LEFM unless otherwise stated.