Priorities and Plans

The LEP has developed a number of priorities and plans to meet our objectives, which have been identified by working with stakeholders and partners.

The priorities, strategies and plans, which will enable this, are detailed in this section and are delivered by focusing on our five priorities and drivers for success:-

  • To drive the growth of the area’s defining and strongest sectors which offer the most competitive advantage
  • To grow specific opportunities identified as future defining features of the area
  • To drive this growth by putting expansion into new markets, modern telecommunications, infrastructure improvements and skills
  • To promote Greater Lincolnshire through improved transport infrastructure connecting trading markets and enabling better access to heritage, culture and communities
  • To recognise the need for new housing, and to support balanced housing and economic development by promoting our capacity to deliver high quality growth
Strategies and Plans

The Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) is the primary document underpinning everything we do....

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP has identified six sectors which have a competitive advantage...

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP has identified seven cross-cutting priority themes for...

Evidence Base

Access to accurate, targetted, local information and data is critically important in...