The Government is developing replacement funding programmes following the UK's departure from the EU, meaning that the LEP continues to plan for all outcomes, and to deliver with confidence.

At the same time local discussions are shaping future succession funds in Greater Lincolnshire and are looking afresh at the new opportunities post-Brexit could have for our area. 

The government is introducing a new UK Shared Prosperity Fund to replace monies we have received in the past from the EU and in Greater Lincolnshire, and we are raising important points with UK government officials now to shape the new UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF).

Local knowledge highlights specific themes in order to make significant step changes in our area by reducing inequalities and allowing for rural economic growth.  These are:- Physical Regeneration of Place, Making Sense of State Aids, 100% Funding, Increasing Costs of Utilities, Upfront Funding as a Catalyst for Change, Recognising the Diversity of Our Place, and A New Way to Shape our Place.

We have prepared for a post-Brexit environment, alongside the Covid-19 pandemic, and have drawn on our local knowledge and expertise to influence government and support what we need to transform our local rural economy.

  • We have innovative ideas and want help to further support automation, robotics, AI
  • We want to invest in people and to up-skill our workforce/ attract more people to the area
  • We want to up-grade our infrastructure and to provide the foundations for economic growth
  • We want to further grow our business environment and to support & invest in our businesses
  • We want to have a place we are proud to live, work and invest in

To view our strategic objectives for Covid-19 recovery, click here.