Growth in the agri-food sector in Greater Lincolnshire is important not only locally but for the whole of the UK

The Agri-food sector combines agriculture and food manufacturing. We have an international reputation for food, fish and farming and have one of the largest concentrations of food manufacturing, research, storage and distribution in Europe.

Greater Lincolnshire is responsible for growing 12%(i) of the England’s food and processing 70%(ii) of its fish, and, as a result, is a strategically important component of national food security.  The area is particularly important for vegetable production - 25%(iii) of national production, ornamental crops such as cut flowers - 21%(iv), sugar beet - 19%(v) and poultry meat - 18%(vi).

The sector locally employs over 75,000 (vii) workers in agriculture, food production, farm equipment manufacturing, freezing, distribution, packaging and food import and export.  The fertile nature of Lincolnshire’s arable land means it is a prime location for business investment from food manufacturers, offering opportunities to grow existing businesses by developing export links both with the UK borders and overseas.

Boasting more grade 1 agricultural land than any other LEP in England, the Greater Lincolnshire Agri-food sector will double its contribution to the economy by 2030 through an ambitious programme of investment in productive capacity, skills and knowledge to drive an increase in high- value- added sales to UK and export markets. Our Food Board will drive the actions in this plan and will achieve this primarily through the development of three unique and complementary Food Enterprise Zones.

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Unless otherwise stated, all employment data is either BRES (Business Register and Employer Survey), ONS 2014, or is calculated using BRES + Cambridge Econometrics Local Economic Forecasting Model (LEFM) 2014.

GVA is based on ONS Gross Value Added data 2014, or ONS GVA + LEFM unless otherwise stated. 

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