Providing a reliable and sustainable transport infrastructure will allow us to realise our strategic ambitions and growth potential, both of which are crucial to our success.

Sustainable mobility has a key role to play in ensuring that development associated with growth makes optimal use of existing transport infrastructure, as well as maximising the benefit of new sustainable travel opportunities.  Enabling behavioural change through travel choice can lead to a variety of benefits, including reduced congestion and improved health and wellbeing, as well as providing improved economic opportunities for the local population.

Our sector and place priorities for economic growth will inform these decisions. We therefore work with local councils, stakeholders and utility providers in order to promote Greater Lincolnshire's case for investment to create a co-ordinated approach to delivery.

Demand for the movement of people and goods will continue to grow across Greater Lincolnshire, putting increased stress on existing transport networks. Over 4 million lorry loads of goods per year add to pinch points in traffic congestion, and poor access will weaken the future sustainability of the economy. This is a major factor affecting the agri-food supply chain in both real cost and lost opportunity, due to the time sensitivity of food production. Around 6.5 million passengers pass through Greater Lincolnshire's rail stations every year whilst some 260 freight train movements serve the Port of Immingham each week. Our visitor economy will also benefit greatly from improved connectivity and transport links.

An Integrated Infrastructure Investment Plan for Greater Lincolnshire is being developed, which will embrace all types of infrastructure to include transport, power, water, and flood defence. 

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP has already supported successful bids for transport investment through various funds. Click here to view transport projects under way.


  • The new Lincoln Transport Hub opened in November 2017 which, coupled with the adjacent streetscape enhancements around Lincoln Rail Station, provides a much improved welcome for visitors arriving in the city by public transport.
  • A new A17/A151 roundabout at Peppermint Junction completed in June 2018 opens up access to the proposed 10 hectare Holbeach Food Enterprise Zone and further 40 hectares of land for housing development.