The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is registered as a company limited by guarantee under company number 09223395. Incorporated company status requires the LEP to have company members. 

Company Members are the subscribers to the Articles of Association and include the LEP Board Directors (Director Members), and other Company Members to include; local authorities, public sector bodies, individuals and private sector entities, who are admitted in accordance with the Articles of Association.

Company Member vacancies are advertised on the website and externally and follow the LEP appointments process. 

It is a statutory requirement to hold an annual general meeting for the purposes of the company members voting on three resolutions:-

  • Resolution 1 - To re-appoint the Accountants of the Company by ordinary resolution
  • Resolution 2 - To receive and adopt the accounts of the Company for the previous accounting period
  • Resolution 3 - To review the year (to include an update of the directors that have served throughout the year)

The AGM is held annually in July and advertised on the website. It is open to the public as well as Company Members who are invited via a formal notification of AGM. 

In addition to the Director-Members (all Board Directors are automatically Company Members) of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP Company, the Organisation-Members can be found below.  Membership criteria can be found in the Articles of Association and is by invitation by the Directors Board and follows the Appointments Committee process.