The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is channeling resources to support our business community and stakeholders in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Current strategy development, work streams, projects, events, meetings, and other core functions may be on pause whilst we support the emergency response and shape recovery plans, and therefore these may not be progressed to previously scheduled timescales.

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP Local Assurance Framework details how the LEP and its Accountable Body works with the Government to provide assurances and transparency in developing robust value for money projects and programmes, in making decisions, and in spending government funds.

The framework currently covers the Growth Deals announced in July 2014, January 2015 and March 2017, but will also apply to future growth deal allocations. 

The aim of this document is to set out how the Greater Lincolnshire LEP will use public money and how it operates transparently, with accountability, and provides value for money. It has been developed following the release of the Government's revised National Local Growth Assurance Framework (December 2018) which informs Local Enterprise partnerships (LEPs) on what should be included within their local assurance framework

This assurance framework details how the LEP complies with the:-

The new 2019 framework builds on the previous LEP Local Assurance Framework (February 2018) and seeks to implement a common framework of understanding of the assurance required for local growth funding.

It should be viewed in the context of the Accountability Systems Statements for both Local Government and the Local Growth Fund which provide assurance to the Government on how Local Growth Funds and wider funding routed through Local Government are allocated, and that there are robust local systems in place to ensure resources are spent with regularity, propriety, and value for money.

It has been approved and signed off by the LEP Director's Board and takes effect from 1 April 2019.  It will be reviewed annually and any significant changes will be detailed as part of version control.

European funding streams and projects are covered separately within the LEP EU Structural and Investment Strategy 2014-20