It is vital that young people leave school with the right kind of skills and qualities that will help them be better prepared for the opportunities our growing economy offers.

It is also important that people who are already in work have great opportunities to progress, and we want to support employers to upskill and re-train their staff because we know that will have a positive impact.

Public and private sector working together to address particular challenges means that we are prepared for future growth.  For example, the engineering sector now benefits from two new engineering University Technical Colleges across the area and a new purpose built School of Engineering at the University of Lincoln.    

Through the LEP's Growth Deal, funding has been made possible for a new college campus for agriculture and land based skills at the Lincolnshire Showground, and for enhanced engineering facilities at Grantham.  Click here to view these and other projects.

Our Employment and Skills Board has three important priorities:-

  • Ensuring our future workforce has the opportunity to fulfil their potential
  • Making sure our current workforce has the skills that employers need, now and in the future
  • Enabling our employers to have a voice

Our approach is to secure the best intelligence on our local economy, influence and lobby to win funding and investment, and target our actions.

For example, our Skills Plan 2010 highlighted the need to increase the number of local apprentices.  We developed a series of apprenticeship priorities and influenced others to invest, resulting in a series of actions that achieved our goal. 

The Board has undertaken a number of studies and pilot activity to inform its decisions and recently has worked closely with the Skills Funding Agency to tell them what kind of training and development employers need locally, so that European Funded programmes are right for the area. 

Our skills evidence, prepared for the Area Based Review, is available at the bottom of the page.