The purpose of the Board is to shape and influence employment and skills support to meet the needs of employers and communities in Greater Lincolnshire.

The Greater Lincolnshire Employment and Skills Board was formed out of the Lincolnshire & Rutland Employment and Skills Board that was established in 2009 with the aim of boosting economic development through improving skills in the local workforce.   Following the introduction of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP in December 2010 it was agreed that the Employment and Skills Board would continue to lead on the skills agenda, providing expertise and advice to the LEP where needed. Our Chairman is a LEP Director.

Millions of pounds are invested in learning and skills through national funding and by national agencies. There has been no local control of funding since 2008. The Employment and Skills Board aims to provide the local ‘knowledge link’ and employer voice, to influence nationally designed schemes.

The Board is made up of 16 volunteers representing employers, the public sector and training organisations. It is employer-led to make sure that our work is driven by the needs of employers and to ensure that future skills provision meets the needs of employers and the local economy. As well as providing input at board meetings, our volunteer board members act individually to champion our aspirations and raise awareness of the Board’s initiatives amongst other employers and providers.

The full Board meets at least four times per year, and individual board members are involved in many other initiatives throughout the year. The Board establishes short-life working groups to achieve some of its ambitions, providing a small focus group of interested members to tackle specific topics.

If you are interested in the work of the Employment and Skills Board please contact the Chair or the LEP Skills Manager, Clare Hughes on