Our Single Local Growth Fund (or Growth Deals) has provided funds for strategic projects which benefitted our local area and economy, and the programme completes this year.

Contributing substantially to job creation, skills, innovation and growth, and in partnership with Government, Growth Deals have delivered transformational strategic projects and programmes across Greater Lincolnshire totalling £123.7 million and supporting 34 contracted projects and programmes.

Across the last financial year this translates as 90 new houses built, 292 jobs and 54 apprenticeships created, over 6,500 m2 of new or improved training or learning floor space made available, 1,061 learners assisted, 285km of newly built road, and an additional £54.5m of private and public sector investment secured.

Highlights this year included:

Our congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in these diverse and complex projects and programmes, with a special shout out to the LEP Partnerships and Programmes Executive Manager Halina Davies, who has worked tirelessly alongside local stakeholders to bring many projects to fruition across the six-year programme.

These schemes are delivering tangible positive change across our area and you can view further detail on all individual schemes here.