Infrastructure improvements at three strategically important junctions; Enabling housing and employment opportunities; Addressing congestion concerns

This scheme will improve traffic flow at three key strategic junctions in North East Lincolnshire and, in addition to easing congestion issues; the improvements will support acceleration of housing and employment growth in the area.

North East Lincolnshire is the terminus point for a number of key highway routes.  Each of these routes suffer from outdated junction infrastructure, which has historically not been amended in line with growth and now presents restrictions for future growth in both housing and economic market places.

A16 at Toll Bar

This junction has a history of peak hour congestion.  The scheme has been designed to a high standard and is deliverable within the highway boundary and also improves conditions for pedestrians.

A46 at Nuns Corner / Fryston Corner

The scheme will accommodate bus priority measures in an attempt to make sustainable travel a more attractive option and reduce dependency on the car.  It will involve retention of the existing roundabout and incorporation of fully integrated traffic signals,supporting delivery of the LEP’s objective to accelerate housing growth and provide congestion relief with a view to enabling development.

A46 Interaction with Littlecoates Road / Cambridge Road Mini Roundabout

This junction is pivotal in the delivery of a large housing site at the former Western School, and will also benefit other proposed housing sites to the west.  The project will remove the mini roundabout and replace it with a signalised junction improving safety and accessibility.

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