Provision of a new roundabout junction; Enabling provision of housing, employment and leisure facilities

This project will design and build the Northern junction for the Lincolnshire Lakes project and will serve as one of the primary roundabouts providing access to the new villages 1, 2, 5 and 6 opening up 600 acres of land for development, of which 60 acres are for commercial development.

The project will be delivered by North Lincolnshire Council. Highways England as the current owner of the M181 asset will also play a key role in assurance and approvals for this scheme.

The Northern junction will also enable access to the new proposed Commercial Park in the Lincolnshire Lakes project area. This 60 acre (24 ha) park has existing permissions to be used for a variety of uses including an opportunity to perform as a food hub.

Contruction of the roundabout will begin in March 2020.

 The primary objective of the proposed works in addition to servicing the Lincolnshire Lakes wider development is to encourage safe and efficient dispersal of vehicle movements into the local highway network and divert traffic away from the Doncaster Road/Berkeley Circle junction providing sustained and much needed congestion relief.

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