Accurate and targeted local data information forms the critical foundations of our strategies, plans and projects. Greater Lincolnshire LEP maintains several resources to inform local decision making.


NEW: Cost of Living Vulnerability Dashboard

Our cost of living vulnerability dashboard combines inflation and pay metrics with work-based and poverty-base vulnerability data to show relative socio-economic pressures across Greater Lincolnshire. Click here to view the dashboard.

Economic Monitoring Dashboard

Our economy dashboard updated with data relating to the pandemic to give an overview of the current economic outlook. Click here to view the dashboard.

Employment and Skills Dashboard – COMING SOON

This dashboard will show key information relating to the labour market, work, and skills.

Local Skills Report 2022

The Greater Lincolnshire Employment and Skills Advisory Panel (ESAP) has built up an extensive evidence base of the local labour market. Click here for more on Local Skills Reports.

Click here to view the Local Skills Report 2021 Annex B Indicator Workbook

Labour Market Statement
The Employment and Skills Advisory Panel has also requested a regular labour market briefing to counteract national news stories that often do not reflect what is happening locally.    
A monthly Labour Market Statement, including the most frequently advertised job vacancies, can be found by clicking here. 

Local Industrial Strategy Evidence Base

Our Local Industrial Strategy is underpinned by an expansive evidence base which outlines the challenges and opportunities for Greater Lincolnshire's economy, mapped across the five foundations of productivity and identifies our strategic opportunities.

Click here to view our Local Industrial Strategy Evidence Base

Quarterly Economic Briefing

The LEP Quarterly Economic Briefing gives a snapshot of the current national and local picture, using information from the Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Economic Survey in partnership with Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce. The latest version can be found in the documents section below.



There are numerous partner resources which form part of our local evidence base. The Midlands Engine, in partnership with Midlands LEPs, has produced an Intelligence Hub including a series of interactive dashboards and insight reports covering local level data including:

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