Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Greater Lincolnshire LEP has been working alongside over 25 local authority, private sector, third sector, and education organisations to support the economy and business community.

The Greater Lincolnshire Plan for Growth brings together medium term commitments from this partnership to outline strategic objectives that will drive the revival of our economy as we emerge from the pandemic.

The plan looks beyond the near term, pragmatic commitments and actions contained within our short term recovery plan, to show how we can meet our overarching vision to future-proof Greater Lincolnshire’s economy, creating a productive, resilient and low carbon economic base.

Short term recovery plan

The short term recovery plan covers near term, pragmatic commitments and actions across five strategic objectives which we have subsequently taken forward together with our local partners:

  • Business Support: To repurpose existing business support schemes, and design new business support schemes, that meet the challenges of Covid-19.
  • Workforce: To take measures to meet the changing employment and training needs of the greater Lincolnshire workforce in the context of Covid-19.
  • Sectors: To provide tailored support to greater Lincolnshire's most important economic sectors so that they can respond to Covid-19.  See our Food Security page here and Spotlight on Manufacturing here.
  • Economic Intelligence: To ensure that accurate and current business intelligence is available and informs decision making in the Business and Economy recovery plan.
  • Funding: To use regeneration funding in a strategic way to tackle the current challenges of Covid 19 and to support the Business and Economy recovery plan.

You can read our short term recovery plan here.

In addition, the Greater Lincolnshire LEP was successful in receiving £25.8 million from the Getting Building Fund to deliver ‘shovel-ready’ projects to help the local economy and create jobs. You can find out more about our Getting Building Fund projects here.

Engaging with Government

Throughout the pandemic, the Greater Lincolnshire LEP has been feeding local intelligence and representing our business views to Government to help inform the national recovery plan. We have also put in a submission as part of a wider BEIS Super Enquiry on Post-Pandemic Economic Growth.

This wide-ranging inquiry looks at the options available to Government to secure economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19, covering investment, industrial strategy, jobs, skills, exports, and sustainable growth.

Levelling up: local and regional structures and the delivery of economic growth” is a sub-inquiry examining how local and regional government structures in England (including the role of powerhouses, local enterprise partnerships and growth hubs, city and regional mayoralties, and councils) could be reformed or better equipped to deliver growth locally, with specific reference to the Government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda. You can read our response here.

This page was updated on 19th March 2021.