To drive forward an affordable and reliable energy for the Greater Lincolnshire area, whilst also promoting economic growth, and providing this through a whole-system and clean energy approach.

Greater Lincolnshire LEP recognises that while important progress has been made in cost reduction and deployment of clean energy technologies at a national level, the pace of innovation and the scale of UK economy-wide energy transformation and adoption, remains significantly short of what is needed.

The newly formed Energy Council will focus on the progression of the current and long-term outcomes and opportunities to a whole-system approach for the Greater Lincolnshire area; and for the transformation of energy, particularly the opportunities around developing a rural innovation test bed for energy and water (and waste).

There is also an expectation that the panel will be advocates to the issues that Greater Lincolnshire faces, and start to seek out and articulate the grand challenges that will be faced by Greater Lincolnshire, in moving energy transformation forward by setting the cornerstones of approach that will see success.

The Energy Council, comprised of an efficient number of diverse members, is to be created to provide high level strategic guidance to:

  • Foster implementation of the Enabling Framework for Greater Lincolnshire
  • Make recommendations through consensus to all Members in a transparent manner, including by sharing minutes of all Energy Expert Panel discussions
  • Facilitate implementation of outreach and communication strategies that  help achieve progress on projects and events
  • Support the active engagement of business, with appropriate translation into business/investor opportunities
  • Potentially suggest funding opportunities as needed to implement the Enabling Framework
  • Create Task & Finish groups to carry out specific tasks, as needed

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP has adapted to new ways of working in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. More board meetings and discussions are now being carried out remotely, reducing the need for board members and staff to travel around the county.

If you are interested in the work of the Energy Council please contact the Chair or the LEP Secretariat Lead, Andrew Brooks on