Drones, racing cars and robot dogs will be at the heart of this year’s Greater Lincolnshire LEP conference showcasing the technologies that will shape the future of work.

For the first time the highlight of the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership Conference on Tuesday 7th November 2023 will be a demonstration arena featuring future technologies and innovations in the world of work.

The agri-robotics team at the University of Lincoln will showcase the state of the art in crop care, selective harvesting and robotic phenotyping, including a strawberry-picking robot developed by Dogtooth Technologies, one of the industrial partners in its Agri-OpenCore project.

TIAGo will also be making an appearance, showing off her fully collaborative mobile manipulator robot skills used by the National Centre for Food Manufacturing test factory for future research.

Also on show will be the UK's fastest 3D printer demonstrating speed, quality and precision, making 3D parts to complement other 3D-printed items that will be on display made from a variety of polymers.

Eagle Eye will be exhibiting a variety of different remote-piloted aircraft systems used to provide training and operational delivery.

VISR will demonstrate its narrative-based learning metaverse technology featuring XR developers, unity experts, 3D artists and logistic co-ordinators, creating immersive, narrative-driven experiences which help people and businesses grow in new and exciting ways.

And for many the highlight of the conference will be not one, but two Boston Dynamics quadrupedal dynamic sensing platform robots – also known as Spot dogs!

Spot is a dynamic sensing platform which can provide valuable insights into routine operations and potentially hazardous situations on factory floors, at construction sites and in research labs, and this will be the first time Construction Spot meets a robotic colleague working in the field of agri-tech.

Outside the Epic Centre where the conference will be taking place will be a chance to take part in a circuit race in an electric sports car built from recycled materials by pupils from the Baysgarth Northern Lincolnshire Greenpower Centre of Excellence.

Inside the hall the Greater Lincolnshire LEP Conference will feature panel discussions and a keynote speech by Paul Redmond, an employment guru at the University of Liverpool and an expert in the future of work.

There will be talks on the theme of the future workforce as well as an overview of the impact the Greater Lincolnshire LEP has had in the past year.

There will also be a buffet lunch and plenty of opportunities for networking and getting up close to the high-tech exhibits in the Demonstration Arena.

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP Conference takes place from 8.15am until 2.15pm at the EPIC Centre, Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln on Tuesday 7th November 2023.

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