In March Business Lincolnshire brought together speakers and delegates for a dynamic exploration of manufacturing trends and opportunities from sustainable practices, to AI, to higher level apprenticeships.

To read the round up of the day click here or read on to find out about our specialist support and advice services available to manufacturing businesses through the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub.

The sector currently employs 66,000 workers locally representing 14% of total employment for Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland and contributes £5.6bn to the local economy.  The sector has grown by 64% in real terms over the past decade in Greater Lincolnshire against the equivalent of 29% nationally.  There are 2,400 businesses operating locally, ranging from very large engineering and petro-chemicals businesses, through to micro-businesses, and we continue to promote and support growth across important areas including engineering, chemicals, metals and polymers, using the latest technology and advice through our Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub grant and support programmes.

Our area continues to excel in this industry as higher education centres such as the University of Lincoln offer a fresh skills pool to local employers by training students at their purpose-built School of Engineering and the Lincoln and Humber University Technical Colleges which provide exemplary education and training, specialising in engineering and renewable energies.

Across Lincolnshire our aim is to increase economic output by almost a third by 2030, through our amazing local manufacturing businesses, by helping them to grow and develop. 

Business Lincolnshire Manufacturing Adviser Trevor Durant, is our latest dedicated Manufacturing Adviser, working with businesses to diagnose gaps, offer first line support on operational issues, and signpost businesses to areas of further support.  As an industry specialist, Trevor is available to collaborate with businesses to address targeted needs and requirements.  Click here to make an enquiry with Trevor.

Business Lincolnshire also offers a Manufacturing Support Programme to tackle business challenges and adapt businesses for success. Meet with a business consultant who will recommend areas for growth, as well as access to your own business coach to help you implement these changes.  Find out more.

Made Smarter East Midlands also has a £3m digital adoption initiative available to drive growth in SME manufacturing to help boost productivity.  Experts will provide advice and support to businesses and provide digital transformational road mapping, leadership development, grant funding, and access to industrial digital technology.  Click here to find out more.

Meanwhile our Greater Lincolnshire Engineering and Manufacturing (GLEAM) Network is thriving, an initiative founded by the School of Engineering, Greater Lincolnshire LEP and Business Lincolnshire, which aims to collaborate to solve sector-wide challenges and establish a community for our region’s manufacturing businesses to connect.  Further information is available here.

Having already delivered a range of successful virtual events, the network works to support the growth and development of SMEs and large organisations by promoting best practice, innovative solutions, partnership opportunities, and showcasing technological advances, cutting-edge thinking, and acting as a knowledge-transfer vehicle between academia and industry.

You may also be eligible to join the fully funded regional Empowering SMEs in International Trade Programme if you are an SME based in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, or Derbyshire.  If you are a novice or experienced importer or exporter, this programme provides up to 30+ hours of fully funded strategic and operational support to address your international trade challenges or expedite your global ambitions.  Click here to find out more.

And finally, our Export Peer Networks are fully funded international trade cohort led sessions, helping businesses expand into new foreign markets.  Visit here to learn more. 

To find out more visit Manufacturing | Business Lincolnshire | Business Lincolnshire or complete the BL enquiry form and contact for more information and support.