Greater Lincolnshire has a strong manufacturing and engineering heritage, and is very proud of this outstanding position as a nationally important centre for manufacturing.

Underpinned by a highly skilled and loyal workforce, Greater Lincolnshire is home to world class companies. This has played a part in providing a legacy of sites and skills, offering investors the opportunity to operate from a prime location that already boasts sector investment, existing supply chains and high profile manufacturing businesses.

Manufacturing and engineering contributes over £1.9bn (i)(11%) of Greater Lincolnshire’s output and employs around 41,000 (ii)people.  Our manufacturing and engineering strengths encompass power engineering, metrochemicals & chemicals, steel manufacture and motorsport engineering.

In 2011, the University of Lincoln, in partnership with Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Limited, developed the first new Engineering School in the UK in twenty years.  The Lincoln and Humber University Technical Colleges are also providing exemplary education and training, specialising in engineering & renewable energies.

The LEP area has 2,350 (iii) registered businesses operating in the sector, many of whom are participants in supply chains around the globe, and are growing in number.

The sector plays a significant part in the future economic growth of the area and also has a significant role to play in the Midlands Engine ambitions.

The delivery of the Manufacturing sector plan will double the economic output by 2030. 


Unless otherwise stated, all employment data is either BRES (Business Register and Employer Survey), ONS 2014, or is calculated using BRES + Cambridge Econometrics Local Economic Forecasting Model (LEFM) 2014.

GVA is based on ONS Gross Value Added data 2014, or ONS GVA + LEFM unless otherwise stated. 

(i) This figure does NOT include food manufacturing and associated activies. (GVA 2014 Cambridge Econometrics LEFM 2014)

(ii) BRES 2014

(iii) UK business counts 2015, ONS