Water management is fundamental to the growth of Greater Lincolnshire, not only as it provides valuable services that underpin our environment, economy and quality of life, and food security, but also because of our geography.

Greater Lincolnshire is within one of the driest regions of the country, sharing the same annual rainfall as Cape Town. 

Through developing an integrated approach to water, which unites water supply and flood prevention, we can maximise the essential services it provides by moving from managing water towards managing water sustainably.  This will ensure that Greater Lincolnshire is prepared for the future, improving our competitiveness and facilitating economic growth through providing assurances for business and inward investment, as well as improving crop irrigation, tourism, and biodiversity. 

Greater Lincolnshire is subject to flood risk from the sea, main rivers, and surface and ground water, with the risk of coastal flooding affecting up to 40% of the land area of Greater Lincolnshire. We recognise that more investment in water management is needed to manage this risk and to make sure that we have adequate water supplies to support housing and commercial growth.

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