Delivering affordable housing - Investing in reduction of flood risk - Addressing local viability issues

'Waterloo are delighted to be working in partnership with the Greater Lincolnshire Local Economic Partnership on four new build housing projects in Lincolnshire, which will provide over 200 new affordable homes in the next year.  These projects are designed to mitigate against the risk of coastal flooding, but this obviously comes at an additional cost.  The GLLEP funding, combined with funding from the Homes & Communities Agency, ensures these projects are viable, and we are grateful for the support received from both parties.

The capital cost of these projects will be over £25m and with each project being delivered by Lincolnshire based Contractors, it also provides a huge boost to the local economy.'

Andy Parker, Area Development Manager, Waterloo Housing Group


This programme is unlocking development on priority sites to deliver much-needed affordable rural housing. Significant barriers and constraints mean that without this investment the sites in question would not otherwise have been brought forward in the short to medium term.

The programme is unlocking growth and generating increased business for the local construction sector.  Despite the constraints placed on the coast by flood risk and hazard, there are local housing needs that need to be addressed in the short-term.

The programme will deliver 419 new affordable housing units and create or safeguard over 300 jobs within the local economy.

The fund complements existing Local Authority capital programmes for affordable housing and Housing and Communities Agency funding.

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