The Grimsby seafood processing cluster is the largest in Northern Europe.

It employs nearly 6,000 people directly in over 50 seafood processing factories and businesses and, with the supply chain, this rises to over 10,000 employees.

A large majority of the fish processed is imported, predominantly from Iceland, Norway and the Faroes arriving on container or Ro Ro vessels at Immingham.  Frozen products also originate from Russia, USA, Turkey, India, China and many other countries.

All the major UK retailers and food service businesses have contracts to buy fish and seafood products from Grimsby and total sales of Grimsby fish products is around £2billion.

With more people to feed and living standards rising globally there is an increase in the demand for healthy proteins. The seafood cluster is seeing strong UK and international investment and the UK Food Valley provides a natural home to lead growth in fish processing and distribution. 

One of many prominent seafood businesses in Grimbsy, Chapman's Seafoods, have been in involved in the industry for several generations. This video explains more about what they do and how.

Recently the 'Iceland Innovation and Research Conference' celebrated the links and longstanding relationships between Iceland and Grimby's seafood business. Watch this short video to find out more.