Strategic ecological mitigation, creating wetland habitat and enabling new development; Infrastructure investment to support and improve access to the South Humber ports; Creating future employment

"We’ve been developing a number of projects designed to unlock growth across the Southbank of the Humber.  By investing in these strategic projects we’ll help to make North East Lincolnshire more attractive to future business growth and investment.”

North East Lincolnshire Council

The South Humber Industrial Investment Plan is a major 15-year programme of investment that will enable large-scale economic growth, with a goal of creating a substantial new industrial infrastructure to support the major South Humber ports, and will reduce environmental constraints by releasing the potential of good-quality development land for employment between the Ports of Immingham and Grimsby. .  This will provide the opportunity for substantial growth in the area’s key industrial sectors and their supply chains.  

Strategic Ecological Mitigation Sites (SHIIP Phase 1)

The Humber Estuary area in North East Lincolnshire is internationally recognised as an important natural habitat and is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Protection Area (SPA), Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Ramsar site.  The importance of this designation means that any proposed development along the estuary must agree the impact of development and a process of mitigation.  The strategic mitigation strategy has been developed in conjunction with the statutory organisations, including Natural England, over a period of six years, identifying a series of linked sites where wetland habitats will be created.  Delivery of these sites will enable industrial sites between the ports, the estuary and the A180 to be developed, removing a key constraint and providing certainty for future investors.

With £2million LEP funding, this  project has enable 100ha of prime developable land to progress, providing 135,000sqm of commercial floorspace, 3,370 new jobs for the local economy, and an additional £185million additional spend per annum in the local economy.

Works on the Inland West site have been completed and a number of other sites are soon to be progressed.

Humber Link Road (SHIIP Phase 2)

Growth Deal funding will be used directly to deliver a single carriageway, adoptable standard road extending to approximately 1km between Hobson Way and Moody Lane, together with a required upgrade along part of Moody Lane.  This new road will improve access to the Great Coates Industrial Park and will provide an alternative route to the A180 between the two ports.  Improved access will result in a reduction in journey length, improved capacity within the existing road network and will create an opportunity for a circulatory public transport route, which does not currently exist.

This road construction has been identified as a key strategic enabler, that will ensure the appropriate linkages between the ports and renewables sites, and improving accessibility to Immingham Port, all of which are key priorities to ensure the successful growth and development of the ports.

It is expected that this project, combined with other infrastructure investments, will help the ports grow, bringing additional value, business and jobs to the area including the following outputs:

  • Generation of 1,125 construction jobs
  • 30ha of developable land (49,000 sqm of commercial floorspace)
  • Creation of 1,300 jobs for the local economy
  • £23million private investment

Construction started Spring 2019 and will be completed in Spring 2020.

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