Industry-driven training facility that will stimulate growth and productivity across the engineering, manufacturing and agri-tech sectors

This exciting development forms part of the Greater Lincolnshire Skills Capital Investment Fund Programme. The 1,376m² EMAT Centre will provide training, primarily at levels 2, 3 and 4, with provision at level 5 in future years, in a range of engineering and manufacturing competencies.

The project is specifically designed to:

  • Stimulate and support innovation for businesses through a technology hub
  • Improve the skills and talent of the current and future workforce across levels 1-5
  • Support business growth through access to resources and advice
  • Support key strategic sectors

There is also the desire to run level 3 food engineering courses to benefit local companies.


The development of the EMAT Centre and the extension of the existing workshop will lead to a number of outputs in line with the Strategic Economic Plan and Local Strategic Outputs.  These can be summarised as follows:

  • Up to 2021/22, 14 jobs created with 6 jobs safeguarded. 
  • 375 businesses assisted to improve
  • 175 apprenticeships created.
  • 875 learners supported within and for priority sectors - £3,200 per learner, which is excellent value for money.
  • 14 new curriculums/training courses
  • 8 updated/modernised curriculums of courses
  • 50 learners securing jobs in priority sectors as a result of the project
  • 1,576m² training facilities created (1,376m² EMAT Centre and 200m² extension of the existing workshop)
  • 5,100 learners with enhanced understanding of opportunities in the priority sectors

For futher information on this project please contact Jan Hemmant on