Public realm Improvements - Enabling provision of adjacent employment block - Provision of foul sewers, water main and pumping station

The investment provided by Greater Lincolnshire LEP has been invaluable in allowing Lincolnshire County Council to carry out additional works alongside the road scheme itself, including the creation of a high quality public realm and the provision of services to new employment sites that have been created by the new road.  These works will help to make the East Link a thriving street, connecting the whole city and providing significant economic activity.  Without the support of the LEP, these benefits would have taken longer, been more expensive and potentially disruptive to achieve.

Simon Wright, Principal Officer Regeneration, Lincolnshire County Council

Growth Deal funding for this project was contributed towards the installation of key infrastructure to facilitate future development along the Tentercroft Street and Kesteven Street growth corridor.  It was necessary to incorporate this infrastructure work during the construction of the East-West Link Road and avoid costly retrofitting at a later stage.

Growth deal expenditure on Phases 1 and 2 constituted construction of the east and west foul sewer, a new water main, design of a pumping station, improved public realm works, archaeological costs relating to investigatory works and design fees.

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