2022 celebrated the end of the hugely successful Single Local Growth Fund programme. LEP projects and programmes have delivered economic growth now for over a decade.  In that time, we have secured £400m of investment for projects in Greater Lincolnshire and have delivered 75 growth projects and programmes.  

Together with our many local partners we have made great progress in raising the aspiration and profile of our collective economic ambitions for our diverse, resilient, and remarkable location. Our congratulations and thanks are extended to everyone involved in these varied and challenging projects and programmes, who in partnership with the LEP, are delivering considerable economic impact across our area. 

A new four-arm roundabout at the junction of the A17 and A151 was opened in 2017, providing access to development land located to the east and west of the A151 earmarked for the South Lincolnshire Food Enterprise Zone (FEZ). 

This project was co-funded with Lincolnshire County Council and the Greater Lincolnshire LEP contributed £2.4 million to the development of the roundabout through the Single Local Growth Fund.

Construction of the Peppermint Junction roundabout began in May 2017 and was completed ahead of schedule in December 2017. 

Further Growth Deal funding was also allocated towards the cost of providing site enabling infrastructure including service roads and utilities. 

This improvement of infrastructure has provided important employment opportunities for the food manufacturing sector as an area of the now accessible land was designated as a Food Enterprise Zone (FEZ).   

Ruth Carver, Chief Executive of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, said: “We were delighted to support the construction of key highways infrastructure to enable the South Lincolnshire FEZ at Holbeach. 

“The £2.4 million Growth Deal grant for Peppermint Junction created a new roundabout access point, supporting the emerging masterplan for the wider site and kick-starting commercial and residential development. The FEZ is now also home to an Agri-Food Centre of Excellence being led by the University of Lincoln.” 

Completion of the roundabout allowed for the development of the South Lincolnshire FEZ, which officially opened in September 2022 and benefitted from further funding from the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.  

At the opening of the South Lincolnshire FEZ, Councillor Nick Worth, Deputy Leader of South Holland District Council, said: 

“The progress we are seeing with the Food Enterprise Zone is fantastic news for both south-east Lincolnshire and Holbeach. The agricultural and food sectors are of critical importance to the UK, so to have one of the most important food industry sites really taking off in South Holland presents such opportunity for our local businesses and residents. 

“The site is also a vital part of our wider plans to develop and regenerate Holbeach. I very much look forward to seeing the success of the FEZ continuing to build and grow over the coming years.” 

The development of the FEZ would not have been possible without the initial infrastructure improvement funded by the Single Local Growth Fund. 

You can find more information about the Peppermint Junction project here. For more information about the Greater Lincolnshire LEP’s Single Local Growth Fund projects, click here