The LEP has published its preferred option following a Government review of LEP geography.

In July 2018 the Government published its Strengthened Local Enterprise Partnerships review and asked all LEPs in England to consider their geographical boundaries and governance structures. The aim was to create the best model for them to play an increased role in delivering on the new UK Industrial Strategy.

For the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the most significant change will be to remove geographical overlaps with other LEPs. Currently the Greater Lincolnshire LEP and the Humber LEP overlap, and North and North East Lincolnshire are covered by both LEPs.

Ministers made it clear in their review that they wish to remove overlaps in order to provide clear accountability for investment decisions.

The LEP Board consulted widely on what our response should be, and we submitted our response to the Government in September 2018.

Our preferred option, strongly supported by our board, is for the Greater Lincolnshire LEP to continue in its present form, including North and North East Lincolnshire and also including Rutland for the first time.

An alternative proposal to merge the Greater Lincolnshire and Humber LEPs to form a Lincolnshire and Humber LEP was supported by the board, but it is not our preferred option.

We now await a final decision by the Government.

The two PDF documents below provide more detail on our recommendations.