The LEP and county council want to understand how energy affects people and the economy

Are you aware that Lincolnshire County Council and the Greater Lincolnshire LEP have been working over the past two years to understand how energy affects both the economy and people's lives in our area?

Climate change and pollution are calling for radical changes in the way we get our energy in order for us to reduce CO2 and pollutant emissions.

We are facing a move towards new, more user-friendly and efficient methods of being able to generate use and share energy. The LEP and its partners recognise the importance of responding to these challenges and the opportunities afforded by this energy revolution, so it is taking a leadership role on the connection between the economic agenda and the landscape for energy through a Greater Lincolnshire Energy Strategy.

The purpose of this is to identify where the LEP can tackle issues to do with generating and distributing energy and identify where help is needed on a grander scale.

Fundamental to the proposal will be the need to underpin any future delivery proposals to show they:

  • are backed by sound and credible local evidence base
  • are technically fit for purpose
  • unlock innovation at scale
  • enable best value for business/customers
  • are adaptable to ongoing change

The LEP recognises there will need to be a very clear association between investment, utilities, housing, water and waste through a 'whole-system' approach of delivery. This will provide an ability to provide a steer on the transformation of a future power system architecture which has local and real impact.

This video link provides an interesting insight into how energy may look in the future

If you would like more information, contact Andrew Brooks, Commissioning Manager for Regeneration at Lincolnshire County Council, by emailing