New Health Enterprise Board begins to take shape

Health and social care is one of our six priority sectors as it presents a good opportunity for potential improvement.

To drive forward the LEP’s strategy in this sector, we have formed our own Health and Care Enterprise Board. Chaired by Dean Fathers, one of our Board Directors, it will provide focused attention and input into the LEP’s Local Industrial Strategy.

In February the new group held its first consultation workshop at the University of Lincoln with key stakeholders from the health and social care sector.

Dean commented: “I was delighted to see so many senior people from across the health and care spectrum turn up, show such a great commitment to the purpose of the new board and demonstrate an enthusiastic willingness to collaborate on the board’s important agenda.

“Greater Lincolnshire has such potential to capitalise on its almost unique position and deliver considerable long-term improvements in both its health and its economic prosperity.”

We are now planning on launching a recruitment campaign to find health and social care experts from across Lincolnshire interested in joining the new board. New members will be tasked with developing meaningful new support programmes which will enhance the delivery of our area’s health and economic outcomes.

Watch out for more board recruitment opportunities coming soon.