Businesses in Greater Lincolnshire are being urged to take part in the Quarterly Economic Survey.

Businesses in Greater Lincolnshire are being urged to take part in the biggest and most representative independent business survey of its kind in the UK – the Quarterly Economic Survey.

Each quarter more than 7,500 businesses participate in the QES, answering questions on a wide range of issues including home sales and orders, export sales and orders, employment prospects, investment, recruitment difficulties, cashflow, confidence and price pressures.

The results from Lincolnshire businesses are published in a Quarterly Economic Briefing for Lincolnshire which gives a local analysis of the current conditions businesses face. This is fed into local business groups, boards and government.

The QES is the first economic indicator of the quarter, published in advance of official figures and other private surveys, and it consistently mirrors trends in official data. For this reason the survey is closely watched by policymakers such as the Treasury, the Bank of England, the Office for Budget Responsibility, the EU Commission and the International Monetary Fund.

The QES is conducted by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and the University of Lincoln. It only takes a few minites to complete and the results provide extremely useful data on the Greater Lincolnshire economy.

Take the survey here: