Magna Vitae and East Lindsey District Council have joined forces to offer support for residents living in East Lindsey during the coronavirus crisis.

The two organisations have launched a new website dedicated to providing support with everything from financial advice and ways of keeping entertained and connected with others during the lockdown, to guidance for those who are working from home or who may want to broaden their skills.   

As well as launching a dedicated website, the two organisations have also developed an eight-page brochure which has been delivered to 70,000 homes in the East Lindsey area. It features vital contact numbers and information on the different ways residents can access help should they need it.  

“This initiative was put into place soon after lockdown was announced and the idea behind it is to support anyone who may need a little extra help during this challenging time, said Sarah Wilkinson, Marketing and Communications Officer at Magna Vitae.  

“Both the brochure and website have details on ways residents can get help with things like shopping and medication as well as general advice on ways to stay active and healthy which is particularly important right now.

“Since the lockdown was put in place we have seen an increase in the number of enquiries and traffic coming through to the website – which we’re really pleased about because it means our offers of support are being utilised by the people who need them most.

“The telephone lines which are there to help people stay well and independent during the lockdown are also busier than ever.”

While the website has been created specifically during the coronavirus pandemic, Magna Vitae and East Lindsey District Council have agreed that it will continue into the COVID recovery phase and beyond so that residents will be able to continue accessing vital resources.

Sarah added: “We understand that some people live in remote areas and while self-isolating they may not have the means to get online – and that’s the reason for both the website and the physical brochure.

“We know the impacts of COVID-19 will be felt for a long time and we will ensure the content reflects the needs of our communities and that it is guided by the evidence and insight into what is needed.

“Our aim is to benefit the entire community by looking after ourselves and each other, all together.”