Lincolnshire-based technology firm Tended has launched a smart wearable solution to help those working in construction, manufacturing, infrastructure and logistics to maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tended was founded by Leo Scott Smith in 2017 after he encountered his own personal safety challenges while volunteering at a children’s charity in one of Nepal’s poorest communities.

After experiencing the 2015 earthquakes and being exposed to some of the country’s most dangerous and remote locations, Leo saw personal safety in a different light and was inspired to create a reliable safety solution.

The firm’s ethos has always been to improve personal safety by creating life-saving technology, and while its original wearable solutions are focused on accident detection and prevention in the workplace, the company’s latest device has been created with social distancing and safety measures in mind following the coronavirus outbreak.

Tended’s social distancing solution combines its existing wearable with an ultra-wideband proximity tag to measure the distance between users with high precision. If wearers come within a set distance of each other, the wearable will vibrate on their wrist, alerting them to maintain social distancing.

One of the most prominent features of the solution is its ability to contact trace those who encounter anyone who tests positive for COVID-19. For example if an employee tested positive for coronavirus, employers would be able to see who, if anyone, they have been in contact with and for how long, before being able to send them an alert to self-isolate or get tested themselves – all using the dedicated app.

Founder Leo Scott Smith said: “As businesses begin to roll out phased approaches back to work, our aim is to accelerate the transition back to safe working across a range of industries so that businesses can be fully prepared for when the lockdown is eased.

“In the last two weeks alone, we have had 180 enquiries from businesses locally as well as internationally. Local companies including Siemens, Anglian Water and Carphone Warehouse have been in touch with us about our new device – and we’ve also had enquiries from Rolls-Royce, BA Systems and Balfour Beatty. Companies in Singapore, Mexico and America have also recently placed a large volume of orders with us.”  

Since launching the innovative device, the award-winning firm has caught the attention of several media outlets and will be featuring on the BBC One Show in a few weeks’ time.

Leo added: “The cost of not having a member of staff at work is costing several employers millions of pounds. We want to give both employees and businessowners peace of mind around adherence to social distancing rules – so that everyone can in time return to work safely.”