A series of workshops is taking place across the UK in January.

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is staging a series of short workshops across the UK in January for innovators and researchers to engage with Innovate UK and the Research Councils and share their thoughts on what the challenges might be.

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) was announced by the Prime Minister at the 2016 CBI Annual Conference, and further detail of this new cross-disciplinary fund was included in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement as part of the National Productivity Investment Fund.
Innovate UK and the Research Councils are beginning to define a first round of challenges to be addressed by the ISCF, and will soon be in a position to seek input from industry and the research base into their development.
Innovate UK and the Research Councils recognise that it is vital to seek the views of UK industry and researchers as part of shaping the development of draft industrial challenges for the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.



There are eight half-day briefings and workshops taking place across the UK:

Monday 16th January – Southampton
Tuesday 17th January – Glasgow
Wednesday 18th January – London
Friday 20th January – Leeds
Tuesday 24 January – Liverpool
Wednesday 25th January – Cardiff
Thurday 26th January – Belfast
Thursday 26th January – Birmingham

These are a valuable opportunity for you to help shape some of the key industrial challenges that, if addressed by the ISCF, could help deliver jobs and economic growth across the UK. Events will be held across the UK and are not specific to any technology or industry sector and we are looking to attract a wide range of participants and viewpoints.
To register your interest in attending visit: