A Grantham manufacturer has stepped into the fight against coronavirus by designing and manufacturing a new-concept face mask for personal use.

Angel Med is producing its 4DflexiSPORT re-usable, face-contoured mask using woven spacer fabric which inhibits virus transmission through its in-built and water-resistant filtration system and helps stop the spread of COVID-19.

Backed by Harley Street consultant Mr Ian Bayley, the masks can be washed and dried within minutes for re-use, and scientific testing has confirmed that they offer significantly better barrier protection than the FFP2 face masks worn by NHS staff.

“These masks are a welcome breakthrough, a real game-changer and a typical bit of British ingenuity. From what we have seen, the level of infection that gets into the nostrils dictates the severity of the illness. If we can limit that with the 4DflexiSPORT design and help to stop a full viral bombardment, we will be less at risk,” said Mr Bayley.

“Normal paper masks as used in hospitals get wet and become useless. They are single use and have to be replaced every 20 minutes, as I am seeing in my hospital work.”

Angel Med has put the Government’s COVID-19 small business grant to good use, funding face covering research and development and investing in new manufacturing machinery and machinists.

Barbara Thompson, Managing Director at Angel Med, said: “Face masks are fast becoming the new reality and vital for the public, businesses and retail as we all try to come out of lockdown safely.

“Our masks uniquely incorporate 10mm of woven filament fabric and they are structured to prevent the inner surface from coming into contact with the nostrils and mouth. That provides a greater barrier which may help to reduce the risk of high viral transmission into the respiratory tract.

“Angel Med is a company whose 4DflexiSPORT® brand is trusted across the UK and Europe. The masks make a seal around the lower face. They are also lightweight, pleasantly breathable, can be comfortably worn for some time and don’t make your glasses steam up!

“They are not intended for frontline health workers but we are delighted to get such a positive scientific evaluation on how much they can help.”

Angel Med has received interest and orders from across the UK and abroad, and it is talking to national sporting bodies to promote the breathability benefits of its face masks for sports people.