The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult is the UK’s leading innovation centre for offshore renewable energy

Offshore Wind Operational Contingency Planning group: Responding to the industry’s challenges in the face of Covid-19                                        

The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult is the UK’s leading innovation centre for offshore renewable energy located at the Port of Grimsby. ORE Catapult is delivering the UK’s largest clean growth opportunity by accelerating the creation and growth of UK companies in offshore renewable energy. Its unique facilities, research and engineering capabilities bring together industry and academia and drive innovation.

In direct response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the O&M Centre of Excellence (OMCE) established the Offshore Wind Operational Contingency Planning Group in April. The group, hosted bi-weekly, provides a single point of liaison between UK Government, regulators, the offshore wind industry and its supply chain. It supports effective collaboration to help deal with more immediate, short-term issues and plans for the medium to long-term challenges, maintaining business continuity in offshore wind development, construction and O&M.

The Operational Contingency Group has successfully delivered:

  • An analysis of immediate, mid and longer-term impacts on the industry caused by Covid-19, which was presented to Government in May, providing industry feedback on policy changes in energy production during the pandemic
  • An innovation challenge to maintain a safe working environment on crew transfer vessels with cross-sector organisations and providers demonstrating their solutions to industry
  • Modelling of the economic impact of the current crisis on the UK offshore supply chain

The group now continues to provide input to Government to include cluster group engagement from across the UK, as well as analysis and in-depth understanding of how the industry will continue to operate effectively post Covid-19. This will focus on supporting innovation and green growth initiatives.

The ORE Catapult Success Story

ORE Catapult recently established its national Operations and Maintenance Centre of Excellence (OMCE) in Grimsby, representing the largest offshore wind operations and maintenance port in the UK. From its new location, the OMCE will continue to engage with all UK offshore wind energy clusters, academia and government to focus on the development of best practice, innovation and demonstration to ensure the UK remains the global leader in O&M as the industry grows and evolves rapidly around the world.

With a portfolio spanning 70 O&M projects, ORE Catapult is aligning its activities with regional priorities by supporting the Humber Offshore Wind Cluster, as well as having UK and international reach. By bringing a sharp thematic and physical focus to O&M, the OMCE focuses on increasing and accelerating UK supply chain content in the wind industry.

The Operational Contingency Group remains open to new members, and the OMCE actively welcomes contact from companies looking to develop innovation in the wind energy sector. Please contact to find out more.

For more information vist the ORE Catapult website or download the OMCE brochure.