The South African-headquartered multinational Westfalia Fruit Group offers a wide range of quality fruit, predominantly avocados, through its vertically integrated supply chain.

Greencell, the UK's leading avocado supplier, has been part of Westfalia since 2008 and has a strong reputation for supplying fresh fruit and vegetables to the UK market. It services customers in retail, government, food service, food processing and wholesale sectors. Understanding each customer's unique requirements enables Greencell to tailor its services to satisfy these needs and exceed expectations. 

As part of the Westfalia Fruit Group, Greencell is able to access the highest quality fruit throughout the year from its own orchards and like-minded grower partners. Headquartered in Kings Hill, Greencell also operates storage and distribution facilities in Kent. Production facilities in Spalding, Lincolnshire, include Greencell's 'Centre of Excellence' for avocado ripening, handling, packing and distribution, which excels in quality, service and innovation while maintaining the highest levels of ethics and sustainability. Its award-winning, patented UV MAP packaging for instance, affords an extra two days of shelf life on ready-to-eat avocado packs.

Another example of Greencell's commitment to innovation is the successful installation of automation and robotics of which has played an instrumental role in maintaining production targets. These emerging, state of the art automation and efficiency improvements via the use of robotics are recognised as playing a pivotal role in Greencell's ability to be 'fit for the future'. 

"Innovation is a key factor in maintaining a sustainable business environment. Focus on this area will be developed further and innovation will continue to thrive as we adapt to the transformations occurring in the marketplace."