UK Food Valley Brunch at the Lincolnshire Show on Wednesday 19th June 2024.


Agenda 10:30am - 12:00 noon

Networking / Brunch

Intro / UKFV Update / Overview

Jepco Impact Story - Energy

B-Hive Impact Story - Defence

Moy Park Impact Story - Automotive / Aerospace


Round up / Closure

Networking / Brunch


Welcome to the UK Food Valley Brunch in the Greater Lincolnshire Councils Corporate Marquee at the Lincolnshire Show.


Food + Energy                Food + Defence                  Food + Automotion / Aerospace


Our UK Food Valley is a world leading collection of food and farming business clusters, centres of excellence, and specialised facilities which collectively accelerate growth and sustainability to help businesses in this sector continue to grow and flourish. 

Today’s venue is home to the Agricultural Society at the heart of an emerging agricultural technology and innovation cluster and every year we see a growing number of innovative exhibitors coming to this show, all promoting what is an incredible food legacy right here in Greater Lincolnshire, which is what we are showcasing today.

Our aim is to become a Top 10 Global Food Cluster, here in greater Lincolnshire, and we are well on course to do this.

Promoting what we are doing is critical to our success and we need everyone to join us as ambassadors to raise the profile and share the incredible story of the UK Food Valley. Please join us on our journey and share with your networks and contacts to continue to make those connections.

Ruth Carver, Chief Executive
Greater Lincolnshire LEP
E: / M: 07919 166416

Ruth is Chief Executive for the Greater Lincolnshire LEP and leads in the planning, development, direction, and management of the LEP’s operation as directed by the board and has led the evolution of the LEP since it’s inauguration in 2011. Ruth implements the business plan and acts as an ambassador for the LEP in relevant forums. She is an experienced economic development and regeneration practitioner, with a lengthy track record in international trade and economic development.


Food & Energy

Simon Creasey, General Manager

Jepco Hydroponics Project

The Hydroponics Project includes the creation of hydrogen which can be used to fuel vehicles that don’t run on electric such as tractors, heavy plant, and HGVs, and to create net zero power supplies which are used across the site and supply chains.  The designed plant output capacity is enough to run ~100 HGV full time.  Impactful environmental benefits include 25,000T CO2e emissions saved annually, 165GWh of additional green electricity produced, and 1,500T Green electrolytic hydrogen created.


Food & Defence

Dr Ben Murphy, Head of Engineering
B-Hive Innovations

Dr Ben Murphy is an experienced product development engineer specialising in electro-magnetic devices, optics and electrical systems. He is now leading Innovate UK Project ‘Tuberscan Venture’  which is the development of a Ground Penetrating Radar System to non-invasively measure potato yield and size distribution before harvest. Ben gained his experience in the heavy machinery/automotive industry and then renewable energy industry. He has contributed to over £2.5M of EPSRC and Innovate UK projects in both academic and commercial settings.

B-Hive Innovations Tuberscan Project

  • Military underground sensing is being used by B-Hive to detect potato yield and is developing the Tuberscan project in collaboration with Branston Potatoes. 
  • This novel technology originating in the military combines above and below ground sensing to detect the whole crop yield and show crop variation.
  • B-hive with collaborators are developing this proof from concept in a 2nd round of Innovate UK funding.


Food & Automotive / Aerospace

Dr Anne Richmond, Director of Research and Technology
Moy Park

Anne has worked in Moy Park (now Pilgrims Europe), for almost 10 years with over 30 years’ experience working with poultry due to growing up on a poultry farm outside Ballymoney.  She has a BSc (Hons) in Biology from the University of Dundee and PhD in Sustainable Agriculture with her thesis on differing methane emissions from beef cattle grazing on upland and lowland vegetation types from Queen’s University Belfast. During the completion of her PhD she was successful in winning a fellowship based at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (Westminster) to complete a briefing note for peers and MP’s on the subject of Livestock Superfarms.  She has worked as a Scientific Officer at AFBI in both the non-ruminant and beef research teams before joining Moy Park.

Anne has led the R&D team since its formal creation in 2016 and has been involved in many projects including Campylobacter and antibiotic reduction, bird performance improvement, welfare, sustainability and meat quality. She currently supervises six PhD students.  She also sits on the Committee for the NI branch of the Institute of Food Science and Technology and is on the Advisory Board of the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) for the Animal Sector and Bridge AI. 

Moy Park Project Butterfly

Project Butterfly (part of Made Smarter) consists of Moy Park in partnership with UoL who have linked with aerospace and automotive companies to exchange technologies and intelligent data tools towards energy reduction.  Funded through UK Research and Innovation’s Sustainable Smart Factory competition for reduced carbon emissions in manufacturing.


Aaron Gilbraith, New Tech Manager
GKN Aerospace


Janet Bellamy, Associate Professor of Digitalisation and Emerging Technology
The National Centre for Food Manufacturing / University of Lincoln

Leading research into digital and emerging technologies, Janet specialises in plant-based protein and extraction, vertical farming, robotics, automation, digitalisation, food and beverage manufacturing and emerging technology. An experienced project manager, Janet has led teams and delivered projects from new machines to new packing and even new factories and has extensive manufacturing and supply chain experience.  Janet has led support programmes for SMEs across the university including Cotemaco, UEZ, and GLAFIP, and is a lead/co-investigator on Innovate, Horizon, and Community Fund Projects across the UK.

For more information about the UK Food Valley or if you have any questions please contact Effie Warwick-John, UK Food Valley Programme Manager at or 07881006130.