Team Lincolnshire member Sills & Betteridge has launched its second online chatbot.

Sills & Betteridge LLP has launched its second online chatbot – this time to help employees with issues at work.

The Employment Law Bot provides users with information tailored to their circumstances in seconds, and is accessed via the firm’s website.

There are very few places where free, basic legal information can be obtained. As a result, Sills & Betteridge noticed that the same type of employment law enquiries were frequently being raised. Often, the enquirer just required an overview of the legal situation to help them decide if they would benefit from instructing a solicitor to drive their case forward.

The Employment Law Bot is quick, easy and free to use. It allows users to select the area of employment law they wish to consider and asks questions in a short text message format to enable them to apply the legal basics to their own situation.

Where appropriate, the bot informs the user which statute the relevant law is set out under, provides information about time limits within which a claim must be brought and even suggests other causes of action that could also be considered.

Stephen Britton, Partner and Head of Employment Law at Sills & Betteridge, who helped create the chatbot, commented: “Having attracted large numbers of visitors to the Driver Bot, and hearing such positive feedback about their experience, we were very hopeful that a similar tool would work well for employment law.

"We are always available by phone or face to face if clients wish to take matters further, but we consider the bot to provide a very useful platform for initial information gathering.”