There's a new website to help you tell the world about Greater Lincolnshire...

Have you tried the new website which helps you to shout about Lincolnshire to friends, family, colleagues, investors and potential employees?

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP and web design agency Optima have developed Promote Lincolnshire to help people who want to spread the word about the benefits of living, working, studying and investing in Lincolnshire.

It’s especially useful for employers, HR managers and recruiters trying to attract talented workers into Greater Lincolnshire.

Promote Lincolnshire is a free content creation website packed with easy-to-use resources. It contains over 1,200 facts, interesting statistics, inspiring photographs, beautiful videos, engaging quotes, case studies and specific investment opportunities, all of which are free to access for anyone who wants to promote Lincolnshire to others. 

Users can choose the content they like and use it to create customised pinboards all about Lincolnshire which they can easily share with others.

To make use of this fantastic, free service to shout about Lincolnshire, click on the link and get creative!